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  music enthusiast
 18 Jul 2011 14:00   xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx   

Cubase 5 editing artifacts

So recently I've been using a hard synth to record sub bass parts. Everything sounds great until I start to edit the audio event. After I edit I notice that a weird 'warble' is introduced to some of the edited bass parts. It's like another bass note was played on top of the one that I recorded so that the notes clash. It only happens for a couple milliseconds, but it's keeping me from getting super clean subbass. I only notice this with sub bass. Has anyone ran into this problem with Cubase 5 before?


  random title
 18 Jul 2011 14:48   xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx   

Re: Cubase 5 editing artifacts

Did you check your midi notes to make sure nothing else was pressed or somehow showed up over your other notes?? Check the entire scale.

[ seebass - 18 Jul 2011 14:48 ]


  music enthusiast
 20 Jul 2011 09:13   xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx   

Re: Cubase 5 editing artifacts

I recorded the parts live. I didn't use MIDI data to record them. They sound great, until I start editing them, then the edited parts get this weird warble in them.


 28 Jul 2011 06:46   xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx   

Re: Cubase 5 editing artifacts

Being a genius as I am, not unlike Wile E. Coyote, my common sense answer is this:

Steinberg is clearly jealous of your production chops and is trying to hold you back in order to salvage their remaining self-esteem by using a crack team of digital nano-ninjas to induce corruption into the signal. I'm guessing they have probably also introduced nano-ninjas into your body through subcutaneous injection while you were sleeping (perhaps they managed to get into your apartment using top-secret super spy techniques like in Mission Impossible, probably hiring Tom Cruise to do the job himself) to mess with your motor skills and increase the potential for user error. Chances are they have even poisoned that hard synth against you, likely by bribing it with expensive whores.

The bastards. The bastards!


  random title
 8 Aug 2011 21:30   xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx   

Re: Cubase 5 editing artifacts

I remember encountering an issue with Cubase where it would record MIDI notes TWICE. I think this is detectable by clicking on one MIDI note and deleting it, and then having it there.

It's possible that this is your issue. I noticed some weird stuff like that too when I was trying to lay down notes.

-crap- you said there's no MIDI involved

In that case... I don't know how Cubase handles audio data internally, but I would imagine that it *might* convert audio to the project format when you try to do edits, whereas it leaves alone otherwise. Perhaps these artifacts stem from some sort of format/bitrate conversion. I would double check the sample/bitrate settings of your recording app against the project sample/bitrate settings, and against Cubase' preferences. It's not an unheard of situation, Edison (audio editor by IL, one of my favs) works this way...

It might also be some automatic anti-click circuit... either to keep your edits click-free or to smooth out the edges for looping. I had noticed that in samplers, if you are not careful with the crossfade setting on a looper, it sometimes introduces phasing artifacts. Similarly, I have see Edison do very quick fades on the edges of cuts as part of a "click-free editing" feature. Maybe those are introducing some kind of weird phase artifacts?

Can you look at the sound files themselves and see anything interesting?>

[ luciphercolors - 8 Aug 2011 21:27 ]


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